Black Krim Tomato (50 Seeds)

Solanum lycopersicum
50 Seeds/pkt
  • Climbing (indeterminate)
  • Heirloom variety
  • Medium sized dark purple fruit

$2.75 inc GST

Black Krim Tomato

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description
Planting Guide

Product Description

Heirloom variety. Climbing. Produces medium sized dark purple fruit. Very productive and exceptional flavour. Looks great sliced. Black Krim tomato plants produce large tomatoes with deep reddish-purple skin. In hot, sunny conditions, the skin turns nearly black. The reddish-green flesh is rich and sweet with a slightly smoky, homegrown flavour. A type of indeterminate tomato, growing Black Krim tomatoes requires about 70 days from transplant to harvest.

Planting Guide

Method: Direct or Seedling Trays
Planting Depth: 5mm
Best Planting Season/s: , , ,
Germination: 5 to 10 days at 21-27ºC
Life Cycle: Annual Frost Tender
Row Spacing: 60-70cm
Plant Spacing: 50cm
Position: Full sun
Days to maturity/flowering: 70 days
Other: Plants need staking. Prune plants to two main stems. Keep well-watered. Pick when mature to encourage more fruit. To reduce the risk of disease do not water overhead. Rotate crops: do not plant in the same position two years in a row.