Black Toscana Kale

Brassica oleracea acephala
Black Toscana Kale 400 seeds pkt
  • Leaf vegetable
  • Dark grey savoyed leaves

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Kale Black Toscana

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description
Planting Guide

Product Description

An extremely attractive savoyed leaf variety with dark grey/green leaves. Grows to 60cm tall. Heirloom.

Kale is also known as Borecole.

Black Toscana Kale is a large kale with long strappy leaves, with the potential to reach 60-90 cm tall. It can have a wide spread as each leaf may grow to 5-10 cm wide, with 30cm high leaves on long greenish-white stalks. The leaves have a bumpy or embossed surface texture and are dark blue-green in colour. When the leaves are harvested, or cut away from the base, the plant takes on a fan or palm-like appearance giving it a prehistoric presence.

Black Toscana Kale is reputed to be the best-tasting kale and is prized by chefs in Italy. Until recently, this leafy green was one of Tuscany’s best-kept secrets. This is the kale used for the famous Tuscan soup known as Ribollita, or re-boiled bean soup. It has been used in northern Italy for centuries, as an essential ingredient in dishes like risotto, pasta and frittata. The taste is slightly sweeter and more delicate than the curly kale varieties but still retains an earthy component.

Planting Guide

Method: Direct or Punnets
Planting Depth: 10mm
Best Planting Season/s: , ,
Germination: 3 to 7 days at 10-29C
Life Cycle: Annual
Row Spacing: 50cm
Plant Spacing: 50cm
Position: Full sun
Days to maturity/flowering: 55-70 days
Other: Protect from slugs, snails, aphids and caterpillars. Keep well-watered.