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Bush Bean: Borlotti Red Rooster

Phaseolus vulgaris

40 seeds/pkt

    • Dwarf (Bush)
    • Great for both dried beans and pods



    Dwarf (bush) bean. Plants produce large pods, up to 12cm long, that are green with red speckles containing speckled red seeds(beans) that dry to a tan colour. Pods are excellent eating when young but are more often left to fully mature for dried bean production. The seeds within the pods are used as a dried bean and have an excellent flavour ideal for soups, stews and homemade baked beans. Very productive. Dried beans store very well.


$3.25 inc GST

$3.25 inc GST

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Product Description

This is the large plump red rooster bean that is pinkish-brown in colour with reddish-brown streaks. Borlotti beans are widely used in Italian cooking and have a sweetish flavour with a smooth creamy texture. They work well in salads and casseroles. Young pods are really great when stir-fry. These beautiful red pods will definitely add some colour in your dish and your kids will love them. This variety produces mottled red pods about 13cm in length. It is resistant to a lot of diseases and very productive. Mainly used as a dried bean for soups and stews or Mexican cuisine but can also be used fresh as with other beans. Beans are best picked frequently and will continue to flower of a long period for an extended harvest. This bean is a dwarf variety so doesn't need anything to climb on.

Planting Guide
Planting Depth
Germination Period
7 to 14 days at 21-32°C
Life Cycle
Frost tender annual
Average Plant Height
Row Spacing
Plant Spacing
Full sun
Average days to maturity
60 to 70 days
Other Information
Plants require adequate spacing and sunlight to maintain dwarf habit. Pick regularly to encourage more growth. Pods are best when young and tender. Let pods fully mature if growing for dried beans.
* The information above is provided as a guide only.
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