Cantong White Pak Choi

Brassica campestris var chinensis
Cantong White Pak Choi 400 seeds pkt
  • Glossy dark green leaves with a white thick wide and short stalk
  • Suitable for tropic, sub-tropics and the summer in temperate areas
  • Good for microgreens
  • Can be eaten raw or cooked
  • Great for hydroponics

$2.75 inc GST

Pak Choi Cantong White

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description
Planting Guide

Product Description

Green leaves and thick white tender stems.

Can be eaten raw or cooked. Good in stir-fries and steamed.

Fast maturing. Good variety for microgreens; ready in 10-14 days.

Planting Guide

Method: Direct or Seedling Trays
Planting Depth: 5mm
Germination: 7 to 14 days at 7-23C
Life Cycle: Annual
Row Spacing: 40cm
Plant Spacing: 25cm
Position: Full sun / partial shade. Keep moist
Days to maturity/flowering: 40-50 days
Other: Protect from aphids and caterpillars. Susceptible to mildew. Cut leaves and stems at any stage of growth as required. Can be treated as a cut and come again plant or plant can be harvested whole when mature.