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First Early Cauliflower

Brassica oleracea botrytis
  • Vegetable
  • Large heads up to 500g
  • Fast growing

$2.75 inc GST

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description

Fast-growing small cauliflower variety producing compact plants and firm small heads up to 500g. Great for hot and humid climates. Leaves and heads can be eaten raw or cooked.

Cauliflowers like cool weather for the fastest development and need well-drained, well limed, rich soil for best flavour.

Planting Guide
Direct or Punnets
Planting Depth
Best Planting Season
Germination Period
7 to 14 days at 8-30C
Life Cycle
Row Spacing
Plant Spacing
Full sun
Average days to maturity
90 days
Other Information
Protect from Aphids and caterpillars
* The information above is provided as a guide only.
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