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Lettuce: White Boston

Lactuca sativa
  • Butterhead type
  • Mid sized light green heads
  • Good variety for warm and humid climates

Butterhead type with mid sized light green heads. Very tender, mild flavour. Good variety for warm and humid climates. It is an improved "Big Boston" variety less prone to leaf rot at the base.

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$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description

Lettuce White Boston is a butterhead lettuce. Although the names "butterhead" and "buttercrunch" are sometimes used interchangeably, 'buttercrunch' is actually one variety that fits in the larger category known as butterhead lettuces. These lettuces feature small, loosely formed leaf heads and a notably smooth flavor. In most ways, butterhead and buttercrunch are identical plants, though the buttercrunch variety is known to be somewhat more tolerant of heat.

As far as leaf lettuce varieties go, these lettuces set the standard for melt-in-your-mouth flavor and texture. Seeds are quick to germinate, plants are slow to bolt, and the taste is sweet, mild, and complex. Gardeners looking to get into vegetable gardening for the first time couldn't choose an easier or more productive plant to get into the hobby, as White Boston lettuce tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions, and continue to grow new leaves as you harvest.

White Boston lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata), including the buttercrunch varieties, form loose but distinct heads. Both White Boston lettuce and Bibb lettuce are also considered forms of butterhead.  White Boston lettuce has a small, round, looser head, while Bibb lettuce has as a tighter, smaller, fist-sized head.

White Boston lettuce takes about 45 days to mature from seed. It is normally planted in the spring, and sometimes again in the early autumn for harvest in late autumn or early winter.

How to Plant White Boston Lettuce

White Boston lettuce is a low-maintenance vegetable that rewards gardeners with mature plants in two months' time. It's a good space filler in the garden while you wait for the weather to warm up for summer staples such as tomatoes and Capsicum. You can also grow a row of attractive White Boston lettuce plants at the front of the spring border, in front of your flowering bulbs and pansies. When the spring flowers are done, you can harvest the lettuce and free up the flowerbed for something summery.

Sow seeds about a week before the last frost. Cover seeds with about 1/4 inch of soil. Keep moist, and expect germination to occur in about a week. Thin seedlings to 8 inches apart in the garden. For frequent use or heavy harvesting, Plant  every two weeks.


White Boston lettuce grows best in full sun. Plants will tolerate part shade, and in hot climates, some afternoon shade will help delay bolting.


Like all lettuces, White Boston lettuce does well in an average to rich, somewhat sandy soil. Lettuce can succumb to rot in heavy clay soils, so if this describes your soil, consider container culture. A slightly acidic to neutral soil (6.0 to 7.0) is best.


Keep your White Boston lettuce plants consistently moist from planting until harvest. The ideal moisture will have your soil feeling like a wrung-out sponge.

Temperature and Humidity

White Boston lettuce grows best in cool to moderate temperatures between 7and 26 degrees C. Temperatures above 26 degrees C signals the plant to start flowering (bolt), which decreases eating quality. When summer temps get the best of your lettuce crop, take a break and plan on planting a second crop of lettuce autumn


Nitrogen-rich fertilizer promotes the leafy growth of butterhead lettuce. You can choose a single ingredient simple fertilizer such as blood meal, or feed by adding generous amounts of compost or manure to the soil. For a quick nutrient boost for successive plantings, use a liquid fertilizer formulated for vegetable gardens.

Planting Guide
Direct or Punnets
Planting Depth
Germination Period
7 to 14 days at 8-24C
Life Cycle
Row Spacing
Plant Spacing
Full sun / partial shade
Average days to maturity
50-65 days
Other Information
To reduce the risk of disease, do not overhead water. Protect from slugs and snails. Keep well-watered.
* The information above is provided as a guide only.
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