Tomato Cherry Yellow Pear (indeterminate)

Solanum lycopersicum
50 seeds/pkt
  • Climbing (Indeterminate)
  • Small yellow pear- shaped fruit
  • Excellent flavour

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Yellow Pear Tomatoes

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description
Planting Guide

Product Description

Climbing. Vigorous and heavy producing plant. Small yellow pear-shaped fruit. Excellent flavour; sweet and tangy. Acid free. Good for adding colour to salads. Ideal for pickling. Plants produce bright yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes with a sweet, mild flavour. Gardeners like this variety because it’s unusual and even cute, make it a favourite in salads, pasta, and salsa. Yellow Pear Tomatoes have become increasingly popular at farmers’ markets. The plants are large, sprawling, and hardy. They require staking or cages, especially if you don’t prune suckers. Yellows produce prolific amounts of fruit until frost, even in cooler zones. As with most cherry varieties, blossom end rot is not a problem. But plants tend to be particularly susceptible to early blight.

Planting Guide

Method: Direct or Seedling Trays
Planting Depth: 5mm
Best Planting Season/s: , ,
Germination: 10 to 14 days at 24-32C
Life Cycle: Frost tender Perennial (grown as an annual in cool climates)
Plant Height: 200cm
Row Spacing: 80cm
Plant Spacing: 70cm
Position: Full sun
Days to maturity/flowering: 75 days
Other: Plants need staking. Prune plants to two main stems. Keep well-watered. Pick when mature to encourage more fruit. To reduce the risk of disease do not water overhead. Rotate crops: do not plant in the same position two years in a row.