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Yellow Oxheart Tomato

Solanum lycopersicum
  • 50 Seeds/pkt
  • Indeterminate variety
  • Large fleshy golden tomatoes weighing up to 500g
  • Excellent flavour
  • Heart-like shape
  • Excellent for juicing

$2.75 inc GST

Yellow Oxheart Tomato

$2.75 inc GST

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Product Description

This is a great yellow fruiting variety, producing large fleshy golden tomatoes weighing up to 500g with excellent flavour and forming a heart-like shape. Excellent for juicing and they are very sweet, meaty, juicy, and flavourful. Perfect for salads, slicing, and sandwiches and also a good variety for cooler areas.

Oxheart tomatoes are a breed of tomato that are prized by gardeners and food-lovers alike for a number of reasons. So-called because of their heart-like shape and large size, oxheart tomatoes can grow to be up to 500gms in weight. Additionally, the tomatoes are fragrant and sweet, making them an excellent addition to many dishes.

They need a great deal of sunlight and water to grow. Rich soil with balanced nutrients is also important for growing tomatoes, which are a rather nutrient-consuming crop. Oxheart tomatoes grow well in temperate climates with a moderate amount of rainfall.

As with many crops, properly irrigating the soil and making sure it drains well is important to the success of the crop’s growth. Even individual tomato plants require good drainage for good growth. Too much water around the roots of a plant can kill it. Additionally, oxheart tomato plants need to be staked so that they grow upright.

Oxheart tomatoes need full sunlight throughout the day to grow. Application of a balanced fertilizer can be beneficial in areas with dry or sandy soil, and regular watering can compensate for a dry growing season. Oxheart tomatoes can also be grown in pots or indoor areas like a greenhouse, which can extend their growing season greatly.

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Planting Guide
Direct or Seedling Trays
Planting Depth
Germination Period
5 to 10 days at 21-27ºC
Life Cycle
Row Spacing
Plant Spacing
Full sun
Average days to maturity
70-80 days
Other Information
Plants need staking. Prune plants to two main stems. Keep well-watered. Pick when mature to encourage more fruit. To reduce the risk of disease do not water overhead. Rotate crops: do not plant in the same position two years in a row.
* The information above is provided as a guide only.
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