Tomato Yellow Cherry Honey-Bee (Determinate)

Solanum lycopersicum
50 seeds/pkt
  • Determinate
  • Compact habit
  • Bright yellow
  • Sweet fruit
  • High yielding

$3.50 inc GST

Tomato Yellow Cherry Honey-Bee

$3.50 inc GST

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Product Description
Planting Guide

Product Description

Vibrant, bright yellow, 2.5cm, sweet cherry fruit which adds a ‘pop’ of colour to any salad. Semi-determinate, it has a compact habit and produces a high yield of fruit in clusters. Disease resistant. Adaptable to most soils but produces the best fruit in a deep free-draining soil with consistent moisture in a sunny position.

Planting Guide

Method: Direct or Seedling Trays
Planting Depth: 5mm
Best Planting Season/s: , , , , ,
Germination: 10 to 14 days at 24-32C
Life Cycle: Frost tender Perennial (grown as an annual in cool climates)
Row Spacing: 80cm
Plant Spacing: 50-70cm
Position: Full sun
Days to maturity/flowering: 80 days
Other: Plants need staking. Prune plants to two main stems. Keep well-watered. Pick when mature to encourage more fruit. To reduce the risk of disease do not water overhead. Rotate crops: do not plant in the same position two years in a row.