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HEY! Hello there! Over here!

Oh, err… sorry if I came on a bit strong there, not many people click on the footer credits these days so it can be a bit of a surprise when people show up all of a sudden.

But since you're here, let me introduce myself:

My name is Daniel and I’m proud to say that Eric hired me to build this website for him.

I can honestly say that although I'm not much of a green thumb, Eric's passion and knowledge is infectuous and he now has me interested in getting my own little urban farm going.

If you’re thinking about getting a website built or maybe you're thinking of having your current site revamped, maybe we should have a little chat - I’d love to see if I could help you achieve your goals.

It just takes a moment to fill out my contact form and I’ll get back with you so we can discuss your needs.


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